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9CC hits Byrne's on Sat Dec13 

Ho ho hum - aren't you tired of silly saccharine elevator holiday music, Bing Crosby and Jingle Bells? Ok, no one ever really gets tired of Jingle Bells, but whatever - you get the point. 

Come have 9ccs of steamy rock goodness Saturday night, starting 9:30ish (yes, silly - pm), atByrne's Pub. Santa Mike might even let you sit on his lap to have your picture taken. But don't say we didn't warn you about him.
Happy Holidays!

9CC Descends on Byrne's Pub Oct 11 

Just $3 cover at the door, all your favorite beer 'n booze, and if you haven't checked out the pub menu, it totally rocks. And speaking of booze -- score with one of the new 9CC flasks. Never be far away from 8 ounces of goodness, just $10.

Come join us -- the Buckeyes have a bye, so you have no excuse. C''ll be great craic!

Byrne's Aug. 16th! 

It was great to see so many of you at the 2014 Dublin Irish Festival! We had a blast and want to continue the fun, so we'll be playing at our fave pub haunt, Byrne's Pub, this Saturday night, starting 9:30ish (Pat's doing sound, so no promises on start time!) We go til 1ish (or until Pat passes out on the soundboard).
This weekend a few o' the boys are celebrating the day they decided to stick their heads into this world, and as such, Byrne's will be offering $5 jars of bacon. Yes, that's correct - jar of bacon. Who can resist such artery-clogging goodness? Bacon is, after all, the new black.
Returning to the stage during 9ccs break will be Doug Hare. We're looking forward to hearing his sweet songs and guitar again, so come welcome Doug!



Don't miss the Dublin Irish Festival(, with an amazing lineup of International and National bands, including yours truly, 9CastleClose( We'll be playing the Celtic Rock Stage at 2PM, with a new lineup and new music!!! See you in the Rock Tent!

Byrne's Pub!!! 

Summer is officially here, and what says summer better than loud rock 'n roll Celtic music in a dark, crowded pub while drinking a tasty Guinness? That's right - NOTHING. 

9cc will be kicking off the cray cray around 9:30 pm at Byrne's Pub, and we'll play until Murt shuts off our microphones. Or, the beer runs out.
See you there.
Please drive responsibly.


Thanks + Beth's Bday! 

Hey 9cc'ers!
We had a glorious St Paddy's weekend with you! Cincy weather co-operated and we got to play to a crazy huge dancin' crowd, and we raised the roof with Columbus folks at Byrne's Pub on St Pat's proper.
To keep the love going, we're doing a special performance for our flute player Beth's 50th b'day this Friday night, at our fave haunt Byrne's Pub. Bluegrass happy hour is free from 7 - 9, and 9cc will get going around 10:30 or so. It'll be a late night - but worth it! We'll be doing a shorter set, there's no cover, and the best Guinness pour in town will be flowin'. There's no end to the fun.
And of course, there's always Kevin's dancing.

9 Castle Green 

Hey fans!
Speedo season is just around the corner and 9cc is here to get your body ready for its debut. A 9cc show is the perfect workout/diet plan for you!  
Our plan features music that will literally put hair on your chest, and not just any kind of chest hair, the thick, curly kind a lady can run her hands through. You will also have access to an abundance of alcoholic beverages to help tone a round, juicy beer belly the women will be dying to rub. Finally, follow along with Kevin’s unique dance moves such as “the white man jog” and “the hillbilly arm swing” to give your new features a nice sweaty glisten.
Come give life to your perfect speedo figure at one of our upcoming shows, and while your there say hello to new band members Tim O’ Neill (formerly of  Knotfibbin’) and Hugh Stockler (formerly of Lacking Judgement and the 43rds).
Upcoming dates:
Saturday, March 15, 6 pm   Fountain Square
Monday, March 17, 8 - 11 pm Byrne's Pub
Friday, March 28, 10pmish - midnightish Beth's crazy 50th b'day party at Byrne's Pub
Also, at Byrne's on St Paddy's, 9cc's of Tully will be doing an acoustic set from 1 - 3 pm. This will include Kevin, Beth, Stuart and Tim cranking out some trad tunes!


A New Day, yada yada, Goodbye, blah blah blah...
enough with the sap already! Let's get this party started! 
Of course we'll be missing our furry lil' Paddy,
but we're excited about moving forward and having handsome,
youthful Hugh on board.
(yeah, we're shamelessly trying to hook the young chicks to come out).

But most importantly, we're ready to rock!
Here's the upcoming places to come have some beer and craic with us:
March 15th, 6-7:30PM

March 17th, 1-3PM(9cc's of Tully), 8-11PM(full show)


A New Day 

"Of all the money that e'er I've spent
I spent it in good company
And all the harm that e'er I've done
Alas it was to none but me
And for all I've done for want of wit
To memory now I can't recall
So fill to me the parting glass
Good night and joy be with you all"
-The Parting Glass

Several years ago I sat down in a Waffle House booth with 3 surly looking characters to discuss putting together an Irish rock band.  We had only a general direction of wanting to write and play fun, high energy music that we enjoyed.   We downed our scattered, smothered and covered hash browns and coffees and went right to work, swapping mix CD's of new and old songs, writing and recording some really weird stuff (with some good ones in there as well) and had ourselves a jolly old time.

Fast forward 6 years today, the day I must officially bow out of what has been a huge part of my life and probably the greatest complete musical experience I've ever had.  Sometimes the most precious gift we can give is time and as much as I love 9CC, the time it takes to create magical musical moments is greater than I can offer right now.  As the proud papa of two awesome kids, I want to spend as much time with them as possible and enjoy the small moments of parenthood while 
they're still young and cute.  Once they become teenagers, I'll probably be begging to get out of the house again!  My 3 year old son has already shown some musical talent, you can see here serenading his little sister!

Hugh Stockler, an old friend of the band, is someone you've no doubt seen at many a 9CC gig, sometimes running sound, sometimes dancing and drinking and sometimes passed out on the bathroom floor like a true 9CC'er!   He will be taking over the lead guitar duties going forward, so please join us in giving him a big welcome!  His first 9CC gig will be at the Cincinnati St. Patrick's Day festival on March, 15, so come on out, cheer him on and buy him a few welcoming rounds.  I'll 
be there as well, so, you know, if you're in the drink buying mood and all...

While it saddens me to leave Kevin as the last remaining original member, I'm also excited about what this next chapter offers me and the band.  I have met, made with music and shared stages with some of the greatest people and musicians from all over the world.  And I've been blessed to be in a band with no only incredible musicians but also great friends, from prior members bassist Todd Hale, drummer Ryan Gross, piper Larry Fortson and fiddler Ken Burns to the current lineup of Kevin, Mike, Beth, Stuart, Tom and now Hugh. 

And then there's you, the fans of the band, you wonderfully scraggly group of music lovers. I truly thank each and every one of you for making me feel so welcome in your pubs and festivals, so loved in your company and so lucky to be part of something as warm and inviting as the Celtic music scene.  You've put a notch in my heart that will always be reserved for you.  Here's to you all, I look forward to seeing you at the pubs and fests and sharing some mighty great music and pints with you!   And as Glen so solemnly sings, "good night and joy be with you all".



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